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David Stark shall be missed but not forgotten

We are saddened to announce the passing of David C. Stark, a leader and innovator in the early-day pursuit and continuing application of concrete petrography to our industry. Through his expertise and perseverance, great strides were made in bringing geology and petrography into the professional arena of engineering from which we all have benefited. Among his accomplishments is research on alkali-silica reactivity that resulted in a number of key publications that include:

"Alkali-Silica Reactivity: An Overview of Research" SHRP C-342, by Helmuth, Stark, Diamond and Moran-Regourd, 1993

"Eliminating or Minimizing Alkali-Silica Reactivity" SHRP-C-343, by Stark, Mor-gan and Okamoto, 1993.

He was co editor of “Petrography Applied to Concrete and Concrete Aggregate” a collection of articles edited by Erlin and Stark and published by ASTM in STP 1061, 1990.

He was especially proud to share credit for the first published account of thaumasite detected in concrete and its relation to ettringite and deterioration, "Identification and Occurrence of Thaumasite in Concrete" by Erlin and Stark, Symposium on Aggressive Fluids, Highway Research Board (now Transportation Research Board), 1965/1966. And somewhere along the way, at one time, in his Northbrook, Illinois home, he had one of the world’s largest collections of beer cans.

From the early 1960’s through opening years of the 2000’s, Dave was a constant contributor to our petrographic science by helping to provide insight into many things from D-cracking to chemical sulfate attack and to physical salt hydration distress. He leaves behind a wonderful heritage.


Career Opportunities

RJ Lee Group, Inc. is currently seeking an experienced concrete Petrographer.  
For more information see 

SCP Meeting during ASTM Committee Week - June 14, 2011

The Society of Concrete Petrographers will meet in

conjunction with the ASTM C09 Committee meeting

in Anaheim, CA, US

DAY:  Tuesday June 14, 2011

TIME: From 6:30pm - 9:00 pm



PRESENTATION: “Diagnosing Physical Salt Attack Verses Chemical Sulfate Attack”?

BY: Bob O'Neill, PG

Micro-Chem Laboratories

Murphys, CA, 209/728-8200


ASTM Committee C09 Concrete and Concrete Aggregates

will meet Sunday June 12 2011 - Wednesday June 15 2011
Location: Marriott Anaheim; Anaheim, CA US

For additional information see


SCP Meeting Minutes, December 2010 

ASTM, New Orleans, LA  12/07/2010, Tuesday 6:30 – 9:15 pm, Napoleon A2 Room


  • Boyd Clark
  • Derek Cong
  • Ann (Caffero) Daugherty
  • Frank Gay
  • Mark Lukkarila
  • Patrick Miller
  • Bob O’Neill
  • Laura Powers
  • Nick Scaglione
  • Mauro Scali
  • Mike Silsbee
  • Steve Stokowski
  • Jeff Varga
  • Nancy Whiting


    1. International Cement Microscopy Association (ICMA)
      1. ICMA 2011,  San Francisco – 33rd ICMA Annual Conference to be held at the Omni Hotel & Resort in San Francisco, California, U.S.A. on April 17-20, 2011.  Five SCP members have submitted abstracts or will submit abstracts for consideration for presentation and publication through ICMA.  An internal SCP review will be performed on each paper.  There is probably room for a few more papers.  Abstracts and titles need to be submitted ASAP.  If submitted directly to Larry please copy SCP (Laura).  Updates of the ICMA conference will be provided via SCP website and or links to ICMA website.
      2. ICMA Europe – Larry Sutter talking with folks at Delft University about possibly hosting a meeting in Europe in some near-future year.
    2. Website (Nick) – A good number of people have logged in over time, however probably just less than half the members have never logged onto the site.  Nick posted a question and sent an e-mail notice of the question being posted.  No one has responded to the question and to date, no one else has posted any discussion points.  Members are encouraged to post ideas, discussions, application of techniques and other related interests.   There was a discussion of how else to utilize the website.  Ideas included posting a series of photomicrographs, links to other relevant website and others.  Other related activities included ideas for a book of construction materials micrographs patterned after ‘Rock and minerals in thin section’ guides that would be extremely useful, an SCP calendar and more ideas were discussed.
    3. Changing By-laws: Mauro, Derek and Bob volunteered to look into changing the By-Laws to address what to do about non-respondent members.
    4. New business
      1. Food at meetings – Today’s meeting cost $414 for food.  ASTM provided a nice room with projector at no extra cost.  Each attendee contributed $15-$20 and WJE picked up the remainder of the bill (Thanks Laura!).  With advanced notice of who’s attending, SCP can arrange to meet at a local restaurant.  The group proposed one meeting per year in a restaurant and one in a meeting room with food catered in.  Next meeting, June 2011 in Anaheim, CA to be at a hotel meeting room and Dec 2011 in Tampa, FL, Laura will look into having a meeting at a local restaurant.
      2. Members discussed having meetings on another night, Monday nights or Sunday nights but the group decided to keep it on Tuesday nights.
      3. Vice-President Nick will work at getting a speaker lined up for the June 2011 meeting (per By-Laws).  Any suggestions can be directed to Nick.
      4. Individual member presentations were given by Steve Stokowski, Nick Scaglione, Laura Powers, and Nancy Whiting.  Steve, Nick, Laura, and Nancy shared a variety of images from projects and research related work that they had conducted.  The presentations covered a variety of concrete and masonry performance and durability issues.  Each of the impromptu presentations offered both interesting and informative insight into sample preparation, as well as individual approaches to concrete and masonry petrography.  All of the presentations were well received and reinforce the founding principle of our Society, which is to provide a forum where the free exchange of ideas on methods, interpretation, and operating standards is encouraged to ensure the continued growth and improvement of our profession.  

    Meeting adjourned.


    SCP Meeting during ASTM Committee Week - Dec 7, 2010

    The Society of Concrete Petrographers will meet in conjunction with

    the ASTM meeting in New Orleans, LA US:


    DAY:  Tuesday December 7, 2010

    TIME: From 6:30pm - 9 pm



    AGENDA: Dinner (small fee required), business,

    open discussion and short presentations of interest.

    Please bring micrographs and/or data on a jump drive.