Ted Sibbick
GCP Applied Technologies
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Vice President
Daniela Mauro
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.
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Anol Mukhopadhyay
Texas A&M Transportation Institute
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Jacki Atienza
BASF Corporation
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Associated Organizations

The Society of Concrete Petrographers was established to provide an organization for those whose primary profession is performing hands-on evaluations of concrete and concrete-making materials employing petrographic techniques outlined in ASTM C856 “Standard Practice for Petrographic Examination of Hardened Concrete”.

Goals of the Society are to provide a meeting and speaking forum for concrete petrographers for the purpose of: (1) exchanging information about methods and techniques of examinations, (2) improving methods and techniques for evaluating concrete and allied materials, (3) becoming better acquainted with interpretative aspects of the data and observations generated during petrographic examinations, (4) writing effective reports, (5) understanding and recognizing the limitations of their individual training and experience, (6) advancing the profession of petrography within the concrete and concrete-making materials industries and (7) providing input to allied associations that have requirements regarding the professional requirements for concrete petrographers.

The Society fosters a Code of Ethics for concrete petrographers. The Code of Ethics includes that: (1) concrete petrographers shall not engage in work in which they are not competent, unless under the guidance and direction of a concrete petrographer experienced and competent in that particular work, (2) concrete petrographers must meet the qualification requirements defined in the Qualifications Section of ASTM C856, “Standard Practice for Petrographic Examination of Hardened Concrete” (3) advice, opinions, and judgements shall be objective, consistent, and based on competency and experience in the matters involved and not in disagreement with technical and scientific principles.