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Associated Organizations


39th ICMA Conference Toronto, April 10-13, 2017

ICMA will hold its 39th Conference in the beautiful City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Toronto is Canada’s largest city with a population of almost 5.6 million and is the fifth largest city in North America. Toronto is the world’s fourth most livable city. Toronto ranks second as the world’s most business competitive global city. Toronto sits on the northwest shore of Lake Ontario. The meeting place is at Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport, 33 Carlson Ct., Toronto, Ontario, Canada scheduled on April 10 – 13, 2017. The technical program includes papers that are good blend of practical applications, new techniques and novel approaches and the latest research efforts in the field of microscopic evaluation of portland cement and related materials. The Workshop Committee will prepare Panel Discussions and Workshops that are timely and interesting to the participants. The Spouse and Guest Committee has programs and tours to the many beautiful and interesting sites of Toronto, Ontario Area for the spouses and guests accompanying the attendees. Please be informed that the deadline date for submission of abstracts will be on or before December 15, 2016. Please visit the ICMA website ( for more information about the conference.

SCP Meeting - Tuesday, June 28 in Chicago 

Please join us for the Society of Concrete Petrographers meeting on Tuesday at 6:30 in Chicago in conjunction with the ASTM meeting. The meeting will be held in the Los Angeles/Miami Room – 5th Flooor at the Chicago Marriott Downtown.

Following a brief business meeting, we will have a discussion on the effect of deicing salts on freeze/thaw damage in concrete with particular emphasis on the formation of Calcium Oxychloride due to the use of Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride deicing salts. In recent years significant amounts of research has been performed on this topic, however, much of this research is based on laboratory studies. Evidence of distress related to calcium oxychloride can be very difficult to confirm in petrographic work performed on cores removed from the field. ACI 201 is currently working on a TechNote on the topic of joint deterioration due to deicing salts and the formation of calcium oxychloride.

Karl Peterson from the University of Toronto will give a brief presentation on his research on distress related to the formation of calcium oxychloride.


Petrographer Job Opening

Experienced Petrographer

Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. (WJE) is seeking an experienced (10 plus years) Petrographer to work out of our Janney Technical Center laboratory in Northbrook, IL. The successful candidate will have responsibility for various types of microscopical examination of construction materials, coordinating testing, interpreting results, consulting with staff scientists, engineers and architects, and interacting with clients.  Materials routinely analyzed in our facility include concrete, dimension stone, stucco, mortar, brick, terra cotta, grout, aggregates, and other materials in modern and historic structures. Candidates must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and should be self-starters, and able to work with a great team of professionals.

At WJE our history has been built upon the principle that delivering better solutions requires a better understanding of the problem. Our team of recognized petrographers and scientists provide consulting and testing services that are crucial to developing this comprehensive understanding. Our full range of services in petrography, microscopy, analytical chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, and physical testing of materials puts our capabilities at the forefront of the profession. The combination of our construction materials knowledge with our engineering and architectural capabilities uniquely positions WJE to deliver innovative yet sound solutions to problems. Using state-of-the-art evaluation methods, many of which were pioneered by WJE, our materials scientists have solved thousands of construction materials problems answering such questions as, why did it fail? how long will it last? and how do I fix it?


  • Degree in Geology, Materials Science/Engineering, Geological Engineering, or a related field with substantial coursework in mineralogy, petrology, and geochemistry. Master’s degree preferred.
  • Ten or more years of petrography experience examining construction materials. 
  • Substantial familiarity with traditional petrographic microscopy: thin section analysis; immersion mount analysis; hand sample analysis with a stereomicroscope; point-count and modal analysis; and preparation of thin sections, polished sections, lapped hand samples, etc. Knowledge of the operation of the polarized-light microscope is essential.
  • Experience in polished and fracture surface analysis with SEM/EDS 
  • Basic knowledge of complementary material characterization techniques such as x-ray diffraction, x-ray fluorescence, and atomic absorption. 
  • Solid skills in material and mineral identification using polarized-light microscopy, and in the description and classification of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks, their mineral assemblages, and the common types of alteration
  • Ability to interpret results of such examinations as they apply to materials characterization, degradation mechanisms, potential future performance, specification compliance and construction quality.
  • Ability to write clear, concise, informative reports.
  • Excellent verbal communications and client relationship skills.

Key Competencies:

  • Energy and Enthusiasm - Consistently maintains high levels of activity and productivity.
  • Attention to Detail - Careful and quality oriented.
  • Communication - Clearly conveys information, both verbally and written.
  • Assumes Responsibility - Self-starter, willing to interact as a team player, and take independent initiative. Works proactively in solving problems; makes self available and takes action beyond normal responsibilities.
  • Interest in WJE work - Has strong desire to collaborate with WJE engineers, architects, and scientists to analyze construction materials and solve problems within the construction industry.

Candidates can view the job opportunity and read about our great company on the Careers page of our company website. All interested candidates must apply online to receive full consideration.


SCP Meeting Minutes - New Orleans, December 9, 2014

Attendees: Ted Sibbick, Laura Powers, Adam Brewer, Gerard Moulzolf, Ron Sturm, Jeff Varga, Ray Henderson, Kristen Freeman, Bob Jenkins, Nick Scaglione, Victoria Jennings, Frank Gay, Derek Cong and Fred Shrimer

Call to Order (6:35pm)


Review of Membership: 96 members - 72 voting, 24 associate

Business Items
a. It’s time to elect new officers. Laura Powers, as past president, will be heading up the task of putting together the new slate of officers for election.

b. Website – Several items were discussed regarding the website:
- Someone who posted an item on the discussion board wanted to attach photos, although this is currently not an option. It was decided that if possible we will provide the option of attaching photos.
- This brought up additional discussion regarding adding a page to the website, where photos of various petrographic features can be shown. It was determined that this should be a priority to get done.
- In the past we have posted job openings for members. There was a request from a non-member to post their job opening for a petrographer on our website. Discussion was favorable for SCP to provide that service for potential employers.

c. Webinars – Prior to the meeting Nancy Whiting brought up the idea of providing webinars to the SCP membership. She states that by having our the SCP meetings in conjunction with the ASTM meetings we only reach a small percentage of our membership and that webinars have the potential to reach the members that don’t attend the ASTM meetings or can’t attend on a regular basis. SCP can use this format to share ideas, recent research and perhaps training. Nick Scaglione suggested that this can be done under the direction of the Programs Committee, although Laura Powers thought it would be better to form a new Educational Committee. Several of the members shared their positive experiences with webinars that they have been involved with. There was also some discussion on a way to make our SCP meetings at ASTM available to members not able to make it to the meeting.

d. Petrographic Symposium – ASTM will be holding a Petrographic Symposium at a future meeting. Keep an eye out for the Call for Papers and consider submitting a paper for the symposium.

Gerard Moulzolf presented on two petrographic analyses:
- A case study of sodium chloride scaling of a slab-on-grade
- An interesting moisture vapor issue in a terrazzo floor

Nick Scaglione presented on two petrographic analyses:
- Low strength grout cubes, which involved an admixture incompatibility issue and lack of cement hydration
- ASR/Freeze thaw distress of a 1920’s bridge structure in Philadelphia, PA, with a look at the different types of cracking distress dependent on the level of moisture exposure

Bob Jenkins presented some imagery from the Giant Crystal Cave in Mexico for discussion

The meeting was finished up with a brief discussion of an advertisement in ACI International of a silicate based “troweling aid” product that is mixed with 4 parts water and how this may adversely affect the surface quality. The trend of using silicate-based ‘cure and seal’ products was also discussed.

Meeting Adjourned (8:15pm)


SCP to meet at ASTM in New Orleans, 12/9/14 

The Society of Concrete Petrographers' will meet in conjuction with the ASTM C09 Meeting in New Orleans, LA.  The semi-annual SCP meeintg is Tuesday, December 9, 2014 from 6:30 until ~ 8:00, in the Bayside A Roomlocated on the 4th floor of the conference hotel. 

Following a brief business meeting the floor will be opened to short 5 to 15 minute presentations by attending members who wish to share any recent interesting petrographic work.  This may be as simple as sharing a few interesting photographs to a brief PowerPoint presentation on a recent petrographic project.

Link to the ASTM meeting: