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SCP Meeting Minutes - New Orleans, December 9, 2014

Attendees: Ted Sibbick, Laura Powers, Adam Brewer, Gerard Moulzolf, Ron Sturm, Jeff Varga, Ray Henderson, Kristen Freeman, Bob Jenkins, Nick Scaglione, Victoria Jennings, Frank Gay, Derek Cong and Fred Shrimer

Call to Order (6:35pm)


Review of Membership: 96 members - 72 voting, 24 associate

Business Items
a. It’s time to elect new officers. Laura Powers, as past president, will be heading up the task of putting together the new slate of officers for election.

b. Website – Several items were discussed regarding the website:
- Someone who posted an item on the discussion board wanted to attach photos, although this is currently not an option. It was decided that if possible we will provide the option of attaching photos.
- This brought up additional discussion regarding adding a page to the website, where photos of various petrographic features can be shown. It was determined that this should be a priority to get done.
- In the past we have posted job openings for members. There was a request from a non-member to post their job opening for a petrographer on our website. Discussion was favorable for SCP to provide that service for potential employers.

c. Webinars – Prior to the meeting Nancy Whiting brought up the idea of providing webinars to the SCP membership. She states that by having our the SCP meetings in conjunction with the ASTM meetings we only reach a small percentage of our membership and that webinars have the potential to reach the members that don’t attend the ASTM meetings or can’t attend on a regular basis. SCP can use this format to share ideas, recent research and perhaps training. Nick Scaglione suggested that this can be done under the direction of the Programs Committee, although Laura Powers thought it would be better to form a new Educational Committee. Several of the members shared their positive experiences with webinars that they have been involved with. There was also some discussion on a way to make our SCP meetings at ASTM available to members not able to make it to the meeting.

d. Petrographic Symposium – ASTM will be holding a Petrographic Symposium at a future meeting. Keep an eye out for the Call for Papers and consider submitting a paper for the symposium.

Gerard Moulzolf presented on two petrographic analyses:
- A case study of sodium chloride scaling of a slab-on-grade
- An interesting moisture vapor issue in a terrazzo floor

Nick Scaglione presented on two petrographic analyses:
- Low strength grout cubes, which involved an admixture incompatibility issue and lack of cement hydration
- ASR/Freeze thaw distress of a 1920’s bridge structure in Philadelphia, PA, with a look at the different types of cracking distress dependent on the level of moisture exposure

Bob Jenkins presented some imagery from the Giant Crystal Cave in Mexico for discussion

The meeting was finished up with a brief discussion of an advertisement in ACI International of a silicate based “troweling aid” product that is mixed with 4 parts water and how this may adversely affect the surface quality. The trend of using silicate-based ‘cure and seal’ products was also discussed.

Meeting Adjourned (8:15pm)


SCP Meeting Minutes - Toronto, June 24, 2014

The meeting was well attended with a total of 21 members or guests.

Attendees: Derek Cong, Patrick Miller, Bob O’Neill, Laura Powers, Nick Scaglione, Mauro Scali, Ted Sibbick, John Taylor, Fred Shrimer, Carole Anne MacDonald, Ron Sturm, Daniela Mauro, Rachael Barbour, Mengesha Beyene, Karl Peterson, Robert Jenkins, David Rothstein, Gerard Moulzolf, Bill Rebel, Dale Miller, Mark Bury, Jacki Atienza

Review of Membership: Currently 92 members

Review of Log-in procedures for the SCP website

Bob O’Niell and Ted Sibbick gave a brief review of the ICMA Meeting in Milan, Italy
- 125 people in attendance
- Lots of good papers on petrogragraphic topics
- Field trip to the Mapei Facility R & D and tech center

Laura Powers spoke about Masonry Symposium.

Jacki Atienza gave a presentation on the new Microsphere technology that BASF has developed for the replacement of air entraining admixtures for freeze/thaw durability. The product is identified as Mastershpere FT300. The presentation was very interesting and Jacki did a great job of presenting the information from a petrographer’s perspective. Mark Bury, a Product Manager from BASF was also on hand to answer production/marketing questions.


SCP Meeting Minutes

Atlanta, GA - December 4, 2012

Attendees: Ted Sibbick, Daniela Mauro, Mauro Scali, Nancy Whiting, Ali Gurhan, Mark Lukkcarila, Kirsten Freeman, Anol Mukhopadhyay, David Rothstein, Bob O’Neill, and Nick Scaglione


The Code of Ethics committee will be dissolved. If, for any reason, changes are needed to the Code of Ethics, the responsibility will fall to the By-Laws Committee. The By-laws will need to be revised to remove the Code of Ethics as a committee.

Nick Scaglione discussed the need to fill all of our committees with active members to get more of the membership involved in the running of the society. Currently the board members are the only ones performing the committee duties. Volunteers were solicited at the meeting and are shown below. The italicized names are officers that are required committee members in accordance with the By-Laws. The board members will work to fill the remaining openings.

Membership: Gerard Moulzolf, Ted Sibbick, Mark Lukkarilla
Nominations: Laura Powers, Kirsten Freeman
By-Laws: Mauro Scali, Bob O’Neill, Ted Sibbick
Programs: Nancy Whiting, Anol Mukhopadhyay, Daniela Mauro

Membership (86 total members, 6 new members in 2012 - 3 voting and 3 associate)
There was some discussion on a way to make our meetings more accessible to increase remote participation by members who are not able to attend our meetings. One suggestion was that we may be able to provide on-line participation for members who are unable to attend the meeting. Mauro Scali and Daniela Mauro will investigate possibilities for on-line participation and report their findings at the June 2013 meeting, which will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

SCP Membership Certificates
Laura Powers is working on a certificate for voting and associate members.

Nick Scaglione gave a presentation on the Lake Loramie Spillway and Dam structures.

Ali Gurhan gave a presentation that illustrated examples of DEF, ASR, and Freeze-Thaw deterioration that he has encountered.

Ted Sibbick gave a presentation on estimating water-cementitious materials ratio in concrete using fluorescent microscopy. He cautioned that the method works best for plain portland cement concrete mixtures and shows greater variability in mixtures containing pozzolans or alternative cementitious materials, such as fly ash and slag.