SCP Meeting at ASTM Denver,CO, 3rd June 2018
Thursday, May 23, 2019 at 4:19PM
Ted Sibbick
Please join us for the bi-annual meeting of the Society of Concrete Petrographers in Denver occurring in conjunction with the ASTM committee meeting on the Monday June 3rd at 6pm immediately after the ASTM C09.65 Task group on C856 meeting in the Plaza Court 1 room. Please note the meeting has been rearranged for the Monday evening rather than our more typical Tuesday evening time. We are presently planning on a presentation / discussion session from Oscar Antomattei, Bud Werner and, or Jeff Groom all local Colorado-based engineers who will be discussing their personal experiences of positive and problematic areas in undertaking Concrete Petrography investigations. This will be followed by a second presentation by Jamison Langdon titled “ILS 1500: Review of the Current C457 Round Robin Findings”. This would be a quasi-in-depth review of the main findings produced by the round robin study and will include pros and cons of the findings, as well as a quick presentation of the statistics produced. We hope to see you there. Ted Sibbick and Daniela Mauro
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